List of Key Articles

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The New Paper from Steven Jones, et al.– A Pseudo-Masterpiece of Circular Logic and Inventing New Chemistry & Physics to Try To Hide The China Syndrome Aftermath of WTC Nuclear Destruction, by The Anonymous Physicist

Analysis of the Latest Thermite Paper of Steven Jones, et al.–- SURPRISE: It Helps Prove Nukes Destroyed the WTC on 9/11, by The Anonymous Physicist

Towards The Complete Eradication of The Thermite Limited Hangout, by The Anonymous Physicist

The OCT’s & Bazant’s Bogus Dust Analysis is Doomed to the Dustbin of History, by The Anonymous Physicist

The Three Fatal Flaws in Bazant’s WTC Concrete Pulverization Calculations and Why His Calculations Really Support Nuclear Demolition, by spooked911

The Case for Fraud is Proven, and a Call To Action, by The Anonymous Physicist

The Other Fatal Flaw in Bazant’s WTC Analysis, by spooked911

More Fatal Flaws in Bazant et al’s WTC Analysis, by spooked911

Seffen’s Article On “Pristine Pancakes” Is Blatantly Bogus As Predicted Here, by The Anonymous Physicist


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