Bazant Takes His Paper Down from His Website and Revises It

His paper, posted here, was taken down briefly.

He has now put up a revised version which astonishingly seems responsive to a few of the critiques noted here.  For instance, relating to my previous post, now he has:Fc = Fb + Fs + Fa + Fe, where Fe = energy “required to accelerate the mass dust and larger fragments ejected from the tower during the impact of upper part”.   The Fe is new, and is something I said was missing in my previous post.  He is still neglecting the energy required to expel outer columns hundreds of feet from the towers. He also now has a reference for dust size, as noted in comments, though amusingly, uses  the WTC7 conspiracy site as a reference!

Of course, in order to argue for rapid collapse, he still uses the ridiculous perfect inelastic collision assumption for his initial calculations of energy.

What’s not clear is if the paper, which has been revised twice now, is close to being published– and further, if the manuscript is being revised in response to reviewers’ critiques.  Normally, papers are not accepted to prominent journals if they are revised more than twice.  More than two revisions indicates flaws severe enough to preclude publication.Interestingly, the previous paper had at the top– “Submitted on May 27, 2007, to Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE”, which the new revised version does not have.   This suggests the paper was REJECTED by the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.


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