The Other Fatal Flaw in Bazant’s WTC Analysis

Bazant’s WTC analysis can be found here.  The other fatal flaw in his model, besides his concrete pulverization analysis, is his “crush down, crush up” model.

His entire model of WTC collapse rests on the idea that an upper block of each WTC tower broke off and acted as a overwhelmingly powerful pile driver that “crushed down” the lower part of each tower, and that this upper chunk of tower was only destroyed at the very end, when it reached the debris pile and underwent a “crush up” reaction.

This model makes sense– in the cartoon world of the Roadrunner, that is.

In the real world however, there are two problems with  Bazant’s “crush down, crush up” model:

1) it violates physics, as Newtons’ third law of motion says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In the case of building floors hitting other building floors, as in a collapse, both sets of floors will get damaged– and in fact, the upper floors are more likely to suffer in this collision as they are by their nature, lighter and weaker than lower floors.  This counters the “crush down, crush up” model.

2) it violates what was actually observed– as it has long been clear that there was “crush up” of the upper sections of the towers as they fell.

If the paper by Bazant et al‘s is really the best the official story has to offer, there can be no doubt that the towers were fucking blown to kingdom come by the regime, and that the official collapse story is a load of horse swallop.


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