The OCT’s & Bazant’s Bogus Dust Analysis is Doomed to the Dustbin of History

By The Anonymous Physicist

The size of the pulverized dust created during the destruction of the WTC towers can play a crucial role in proving what caused their destruction. Desperate, bogus science has been employed, by some in the OCT camp, to claim that the energy to pulverize the towers into dust originated from the Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) of the towers. I will show that the entire issue of the dust has been treated unscientifically.The papers of Z.P. Bazant have been used as a pillar of the OCT throughout the last 6 years. Bazant’s most recent paper is here.  Regarding what Bazant, et al, called “pulverized concrete particles,” they say, “the observed size range (0.01 mm – 0.1 mm) is fully consistent with this theory and is achievable by collapse driven gravity alone, and that only about 7% of the total gravitational energy converted to kinetic energy of impacts would have sufficed to pulverize all the concrete slabs and core walls….” Now the paper does not contain any reference whatsoever for his alleged dust particle range of .01 mm [millimeters] to .1 mm.  Note, this particle range can also be written as 10-100 microns (micrometers or millionths of a meter).The crucial relation of the energy of tower destruction to dust particle size is somewhat analogous to crushing a tablet with a mortar and pestle. Little energy is needed for you to make two large fragments. More energy is needed for creating 10 moderate sized fragments. Vastly more energy is needed to create many of the tiniest particle size possible with this type of tool. A different apparatus, say a massive mechanical press device, would expend much greater energy and could create much smaller particles than you could with the pestle. Bazant’s article only compares gravity driven collapse, and TNT as possible mechanisms of tower destruction. The bogus dust particle range– devoid of any reference–that he claims, is part of the official ruse.Now one reference, some researchers have used, for the dust particle size is here.  (Hereafter called the “EHP article.”) In this article, the authors state they collected dust samples “from three undisturbed protected locations to the east of the WTC site. Two samples were taken on day 5 (9/16/01) and the third sample was taken on day 6 (9/17/01) after the terrorist attack.” Their findings include “Material less than 2.5 microns in aerodynamic diameter was 0.88-1.98% of the total mass. The largest mass concentrations were greater than 53 microns in diameter.” A significant percentage of the dust was in their category of range of  “2.5-10 microns.“  They say dust did include “construction materials.”  Their apparatus was not capable of detecting how much smaller than 2.5 microns the approx. 1-2% of their sample was. This is crucial because if there were nanometer size particles, vastly greater energy was needed to create this. However their entire dust collection methodology appears meant to avoid collecting the smallest, lightest dust– or, at least, has this effect. Despite the claim of collecting from “undisturbed, protected locations,” the 3 samples were taken from “external ledges around the entrance of a building,” and “the tops of two automobiles” of which “it is possible that each could have been moved.” The samples were collected, not within hours, or a day, but 5 and 6 days later when winds could have displaced especially the smallest, lightest dust elements. The authors also claim that the “rain that occurred on Friday, 15 September 2001” did not affect the samples either. The farthest away from the WTC that samples were taken from, was about 1/2 mile. Now I know people that live 2 miles from the WTC, and they said there was several inches of “ash” in the streets there. The point is that the smallest, lightest particles created during tower destruction, traveled highest, and farthest away from the site, and also were the most likely to be affected by wind, rain, car movement, etc. There is corroboration of this from another govt study, the U.S.G.S. (U.S. Geological Survey). Although the separate USGS dust study did not analyze the dust they collected– 3-4 days after 9/11, from 35 locations in a radial pattern up to 0.7 miles away– for particle size, they had more honest statements on how the weather in the interval before collection affected the samples. They said, “In many cases the samples formed compact masses suggestive of having been dampened by rain and having dried in the intervening 3-4 days… All but two of the samples were collected outdoors and had been subjected to wind and water during a rain storm the night of 9/14/01.“  And “Sample 36 was recovered from an indoor location near the Trade Center complex and had not been affected by rain as were the outdoor samples.” This physicist would assert that the action of falling raindrops would be most likely to cause loss of the smallest, lightest dust particles. Regarding WTC pulverized dust particle size– especially in regards to the smallest particles– there is only one conclusion. No honest, complete, scientific study was ever done; and it’s too late now. We can surmise why.How far away should honest dust sampling have been undertaken? This Space Station photo from 9/11, indicates how high high up and far out the smoke went. Here is another view from space of Ground Zero and another of a day later.Now I have published numerous articles here in the last year indicating that only small nuclear bombs explain all the tower destruction evidence, and eyewitness testimony, and China Syndrome aftermath. See here and here. And we’ve all seen the central, mushroom-shaped clouds that arose during tower destruction. See the left picture on top here. These clouds, and other plumes, contained the smallest, lightest particles that then traveled high and far, via prevailing winds, and perhaps eventually into the jet stream. Wiki states that a nuclear fission bomb creates particles down to 10 nanometer (nm) size. (1 nm is one billionth of a meter.) If the nukes used were pure fusion, or contained fusion components, as most nuclear 9/11 proponents believe, the temperature of the hypo-centers would have been even higher, possibly resulting in even smaller, lighter particles. And how far could 10 nanometer particles travel?  Older folks might recall how radioactive nuclides in fallout from nuclear tests were detected world-wide. More recently, detectors in Sweden, some 800 miles away, blew the cover on the Chernobyl explosion, two days afterwards. That explosion– though it contained radioactive isotopes– was itself conventional, and not nuclear. And Depleted Uranium (D.U.) was detected– and uncovered years later through Freedom of Information laws– 9 days after the start of the War on Iraq, at 5 locations in England— a distance of over 2500 miles.  In fact, Chris Busby, PhD, chemical physicist, and his co-author, state here that “each person in the area (England) inhaled some 23 million uranium particles of diameter 0.25 microns.” Note the sub-micron particle size, found 2500 miles away. Again these small D.U. particles were created in conventional, not nuclear, explosions of ordinance. Nuclear explosions in the towers, created far smaller and lighter particles that would have traveled high and far, and these certainly were not sampled. Why? In all likelihood, those in charge knew that the very small particle size is sufficient proof alone of the power and type of explosive actually used– nukes. The two blogs linked above also contain my writings on the findings of both fusion and fission components, or resultants, in the WTC area and dust– including Tritium, Strontium and Barium.Let us return now to the articles of Z. P. Bazant. They are masterpieces of deception and circular “logic” via 1) ignoring and denying what all the videos and photos prove occurred,  and 2) the insidious insertion, into his equations, of parameters based on the prior acceptance of the very mechanism he needed to prove– and not assume. I will now go over these bogus insertions and assumptions, and some of the math and pseudo-Physics of Bazant’s papers. His, “Dust particle size ranged from 10-100 microns” has no reference cited!  Even the above EHP article (which itself was deficient in finding the smallest particles) found 1) that up to 2% dust mass was under 2.5 microns with no analysis of just how far smaller these particles may have been; and 2) A presumably larger percentage of dust was in the range of 2.5 to 10 microns. So no way was 10 microns the smallest dust particle size, as Bazant asserts. If the smallest dust size were 2.5 microns (which was just the upper limit on the smallest filter size in the EHP experiments), the energy needed for pulverization, in Bazant’s equations, would double to 14% of the total GPE.Then Bazant states, in his equation 5, page 3, “V1, the volume of the rubble on the ground into which the whole tower mass has been compacted” and “Bazant and Verdure estimated that about 20% of the rubble volume resided outside the footprint of the tower, and so K-out (mass ejection ratio) is about 0.20.” (RE: Eq. 5, 6 and ff, page 4) And on page 12, “K-out cannot be higher than the value deduced from the mass of rubble found on the ground (the rubble pile) outside the tower perimeter.” These statements mean Bazant used the following assumption in his “calculations”: the entirety of each tower’s contents went into the small rubble pile, with 80% of the volume of the rubble pile being within the footprint of each tower. His K-out is bogus, due to the obvious massive outward explosions, vaporizations, and missing mass, from the rubble pile. Thus all his equations that use it, are bogus. So Bazant proves his papers are nothing but their own “rubble pile”– rubbish. Because we have ample video and photos of the massive outward explosions (with some “chunks” said to weigh hundreds of tons that were expelled hundreds of feet beyond the “rubble pile” into other buildings, and many other beams etc. expelled far beyond the rubble pile), photos from space of the volume of small particulate matter from “collapse” that went high up and far out, and some sample collections of building material up to 0.7 miles away, and countless eyewitnesses of much building mass in the streets miles away! Indeed simple rough estimations of one single column chunk weighing 200 hundred tons expelled at high speed to reach and impact the other building would itself have required a significant amount of the total available GPE. Likewise, the many smaller tower elements and beams seen being exploded outwards consume a large amount of the available total GPE. Couple this with the energy needed for the complete crushing of the structural steel framework of the tower and the energy needed for the creation of micron-sized particles from concrete and other tower contents, one can see that an energy source greater than the GPE was employed during the destruction of the towers.The only thing that Bazant states was expelled beyond the rubble pile was the air in the towers! But, in a desperate attempt to explain the many obvious explosions in the towers, he used the “air ejection” as follows. “The exit speed of air ejected from the building by the crushing front of gravitational collapse must have attained, near the ground, 465 mph (208 m/s) on the average, and fluctuations must have reached the speed of sound. This explains loud booms and wide spreading of pulverized concrete and glass fragments.” Here he contradicts himself! His equations had claimed that all “pulverized concrete” was 80% within the towers’ footprints, and the other 20% was very close by in the small rubble pile just beyond the footprint of the towers. Here again, he assumed the force for “air ejection” arose from “gravitational collapse,” and ignores the blatantly obvious outward explosions seen from the very beginning of tower destruction. Bazant claims that ejected air had “fluctuations” moving at supersonic speeds. The latter, he claims, accounted for the explosions heard. There are two problems here though. First, his solutions depend on his other bogus assumptions, and second, there is abundant proof of explosions BEFORE “collapse.” This includes eyewitnesses, recordings, and smoke clouds arising on video.Elsewhere, Bazant’s equations 12-20 are masterpieces of smearing claimed (but bogus) experimentally found values of the minimum and maximum pulverized dust size with his theoretical calculations for the same. And his calculations ASSUME the force that pulverized the concrete came from gravitational collapse! E.g., his Eq. 14 involves a ratio of the maximum to minimum dust sizes. And then he relies on reference #11 which is an article titled, ““Single particle impact breakage characterization of materials by drop testing.” Thus proving that all his “work” assumes that the force that created the dust was gravitational collapse which he was supposed to prove, and not assume! His using a “drop testing”experiment, ipso facto, precludes an honest investigation into whatever force may have pulverized the concrete– which includes the very different physical forces and incredible temperatures and pressures from the nuclear bombs, all the evidence indicates, were used therein. Virtually every equation in every section, including air expulsion, assumes and uses factors derived from either gravitational impact, or other CONVENTIONAL forces, and, ipso facto, precludes an unbiased discussion which includes the nuclear probability. So we have subterfuge, and circular logic at its ugliest best in his papers.Now using his Eq. 22 (assuming it has some validity) for the energy needed to produce the smallest dust particle size, it is clear that if there were 10 nm. size particles created during nuclear pulverization, we would have an energy needed that is about 32 times greater than his value found which was, he claimed, 7 % of the total GPE, converted to Kinetic Energy. Clearly this would be over 200% of possible available total GP energy.

Note also that Bazant claims that only “concrete slabs and core walls” were pulverized. He ignores the over 1000 people whose smallest body parts could not be found, and were thus vaporized or pulverized. Likewise for all the furniture, and other tower contents that were pulverized. All that required great energy. And, of course, he ignores all the energy needed for the expulsion (explosion) of many steel beams and large, and very large, building “chunks.” Some of which, I have highlighted in my earlier papers on the nuclear demolition of the WTC, are shown to have parabolic arcs (also highlighted in Siegel’s Eyewitness video) emanating from (arcs traced back to) the center of the tower; and which I cited for proof of several mini-nukes being used through-out the towers, during demolition.

Other ludicrous assumptions Bazant used include, from page 7, his “assumption that the accreted mass gets moving after impact with the same velocity as the top part, which implies perfectly inelastic collision (a zero coefficient of restitution)” and similarly “is crushing the lower part (zone A) with little damage to itself” [page 3]. This ignores Newton’s third law of motion.

There are many other false statements and denials of evidence that I will leave to others to point out.Returning to the pulverized dust, Bazant ignores other differences seen in videos of conventional controlled demolition, or building collapse. None caused pulverized dust miles from the site, or plumes going up into space and far away. None have massive chunks of edifice flung up to hundreds of feet away. All this was ignored by Bazant, so as to obtain his “results.”In conclusion, examination of Bazant’s assumptions, circular logic, false parameters, denials of evidence, and other chicanery regarding the pulverized dust and other tower destruction matters, demonstrate that desperate, and clear cut, fudging or “bad science” was used to attain the results desired. All these interdependent falsifications– Bazant, NIST, Seffen–collapse into their own rubble pile, the dustbin of history. It is hoped that should the people arise and overcome the present fascism, these corrupt engineers, scientists and mathematicians will be charged with being accomplices to mass murder and high treason.


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