The “Pristine Pancake” Theory

Pristine Pancakes: On the Explosive Destruction of the WTC Skyscrapers Now Claimed to be Magical, Interaction-Free Pancakes

By the Anonymous Physicist

During the past week, the BBC reported a British engineering professor, Keith Seffen PhD, has claimed to have analyzed the WTC tower “collapses,” and claims to have worked out how a “progressive collapse” occurred in free fall time. The BBC article actually calls these “collapses” at “Ground Zero”, “chain reactions” [hint?] and says, “[Seffen’s]  calculations suggest the residual capacity of the north and south towers was limited, and that once the collapse was set in motion, it would take only nine seconds for the building to go down.” Seffen says the “collapses” were “very ordinary thing[s] to happen” and that no other intervention, such as explosive charges laid inside the building, was needed to explain the behaviour of the buildings.”

Of course, this is risible on many fronts. While I have not seen this alleged article purported about to be published in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (apparently an American Journal), I will come back soon to reveal what he had to do in his “mathematical models.” But people have to know that when espousing a theory for the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers, they must account for ALL the phenomena observed or proven to have occurred, and not have a “theory” designed to match just one type of observation (commonly called fudging), when it is negated by many other observed or proven aspects of the WTC destruction. And many have already pointed out how  the “pancaking” theory ignores what happened on 9/11. The fires were low temperature (black smoke) and were going out when destruction was initiated, alleged jet fuel does not reach temperatures high enough to have melted support structure, analysis shows that even the first floor would not have buckled as claimed (obviating the creation of the first “pancake”).

No “pancaking” can explain the massive outward explosions seen to have ejected structure weighing many tons as far away as several hundred yards, and that explosions can be seen going off well BELOW the highest extant level that coincides with free fall time of  gravitational “pancaking”.

Neither does “pancaking” (“progressive” or otherwise)  explain over a thousand (apparently) vaporized human beings, and furniture, micro- or nano-fine particle size, vaporized steel (Prof. Dr. Barnett), vast missing building mass, the many explosions that occurred before the “collapses,” and the ensuing China Syndrome of six months long high temperatures and molten metal massively documented here.

Though I have not seen Seffen’s alleged article and its “mathematical models” purporting to explain THE IMPOSSIBLE— due to the laws of Physics, namely conservation of momentum and energy– it is clear there are only two ways to fudge things and get the result desired: 1. Omit the interactions, and forces, a bottom floor imparts back on to any alleged “pancaking” floor coming down on top of it. This would be far too obvious, so more likely; 2. Invent fictitious forces and interactions surreptitiously created to exactly counter the actual forces that would have impeded/slowed or halted such fictional pancaking. Thus having the ludicrous effect of the top and bottom floors instantly disappearing (vaporizing?) after impact, and then being “resurrected” in the next instant, and continuing on downward! But such imaginative mathematical models of “magical, interaction-free pancakes” that purport to negate the laws of physics would be seen for what they are, by any professional journal editors, and returned to its shill sender. So if a “Journal” actually publishes this detritus, it has forever destroyed its own credibility. Because a scientist, or engineer, in this age of fascism laughably masquerading as democracy, must resist, at all costs, the desire to buckle under to the regime when asked. But some will not resist.

There is a clear historical analogy. When the conspirator-laden Warren Commission was faced with a similar, impossible task, it created one of history’s great fictions. When faced with the proof of President Kennedy being flung straight back from a frontal head shot, and eyewitness, and earwitness, testimony, and body wounds matching about 10 bullets, including the fatal head shot entry being above the right eye, they came up with following, official story. They said that the shots came from behind (violating the law of conservation of momentum), and that three shots [only] were fired by perhaps the worst marksman in U.S. military history [Oswald, who was either in the cafeteria at the time, or now thought/shown to have been at the front door of the TSBD), through trees with a weak, ancient, bolt-action rifle that had a mis-aligned sighting scope, and was done faster than any FBI marksman could ever duplicate. And that the fatal bullet went through two people hitting up to five bones, hung out in mid-air for a second and a half, and made turns on its own without external forces, AND was in pristine condition when “found” at Parkland Hospital. This fiction would become known as the Pristine Bullet, or the Magic Bullet; because the bullet, despite its alleged interactions with bone and other tissue, was undeformed and was not missing any appreciable mass.

This fiction’s creator was young Warren Commission attorney, Arlen Specter. He would be made Senator for life. Sometimes winning re-election even when the polls, just before, showed him significantly behind! (Yes, a harbinger of the Bush elections.)

Likewise, Keith Seffen will now likely get ahead financially and “professionally.” But will this reward from the regime be worth the price? Seffen’s colleagues will forever snicker after he walks past them, his students will drop out of his classes, if they can,  because they too will know enough to know what he did. He is now the Arlen Specter of 9/11. A fate any self-respecting human being, let alone engineer or scientist, would die to avoid. For Keith Seffen will now forever be known as the creator of thoroughly impossible, effectively, interaction-free “Pristine Pancakes” or “Magic Pancakes.”


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